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OmniSuite -Omnichannel            CONVERSATION

OmniSuite is an Artificial Intelligence/Neurolinguistics Programming & Machine Learning Enabled Software Communications Engine comprising broadly of a Suite of Services including listening, parzing(analyzing requests) and responding to communications sent by the registered stakeholders (customers, dealers, customer service representatives etc.) of an enterprise to across multi-channels. It is therefore OmniChannel.

Therefore, the customer can choose to communicate via social (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), native (SMS etc.), owned (website/mobile app), other digital etc., channels, the communication lands up at and gets responded to by a Central Engine which solely interacts with the Enterprise APIs (backend), given that the stakeholders have identified themselves on that channel to the Enterprise and agreed to send and receive communication through it.

Key Differentiators!

1. OmniSuite’s AI has a continuous ML system and thus keeps on updating its NLP vocabulary stack on the go!

2. Reduces the cost of maintenance of all other channels as Its engine is central and common to all channels, learning becomes faster, shared and integrated amongst all other communication channels e.g. bot chat, native apps.

3. Multilingual capability.

4. It is FAILSAFE - it integrates with the Enterprise APIs to give desired responses and has a unique feature of being able to transfer seamlessly to a human customer service agent via an agent console when it is unable to understand/link a communication from the customer, therefore making it integrated with your customer service.

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